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Apr 16, 2013 11:00am PDT
detonated inside backpacks. one of the many bay area runners who came to the the event, bob came to boston with his son michael to enjoy what he called their moment, run the boston marathon together. now, bob finished first and was waiting for michael when he heard the bombs go off. >> hear the sound of the bombs and the smoke. oh, my god. at that moment, i didn't know where my son was. i was just hoping and praying he was okay. you know, the runners around us -- around me, none of us knew what was going on. so i came to the hotel, i went up to the room, and i asked katherine, my wife. she had made contact with him. mike came in, and we both just hugged each other. i just said, mike, i love you so much. and are you okay? that was it. >> one of the people you're not going to be seeing on camera is ann roland of concourt, i spoke to him on the phone. she cannot put herself on camera anymore. she says after what she went through yesterday she just can't talk about it. what she described as, quote, seeing all that rubble and those people, end quote. it was just too much for her to talk to us o
Apr 20, 2013 8:00pm EDT
, and the ticket guy goes, okay, let 'em through, and they went through. >> host: temple city, california. hi, bob. >> caller: am i really on or no? >> host: yes, you are. >> caller: okay. mr. elder, you're the best. i've been listening to you. 38 year withs army, three wars, blown up in iraq, 32 years hapd. that's not my question. my question is when are you going to stop playing around d lack of words -- and run for president? [laughter] >> guest: two things could happen if i run. one of them is i could win, the other one is i could lose, and both of them are bad. [laughter] but thank you for that. i've given it some thought, seriously, and i came this close to running for senate against barbara boxer, and i flew to d.c., and i met a bunch of senators. my be arena lost by ten points, i could have. >> host: larry elder, what do you think about the kerfuffle around dr. ben carson? >> guest: i like dr. carson, and i thought that it was pretty gutsy for him to have said what he said right in front of the president, advocating the use of health savings accounts to deal with medical issues. and i'm no
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2